Nano INSIST™ enables advertisers to be seen by the right audience in the right place and at the right time.

Once a user makes a search on a partner site, Nano ingests that specific keyword in to our data managed platform (DMP) ‘Audience Manager’

Whilst the page is loading the Audience Manager analyses the search data signals comprising of the keyword, the site context & previous user searches – data signals

The DMP makes an informed decision using the search data signals and connects to the relevant advertiser who has that keyword attached to their keyword list campaign.

In the split second that the search results are loading, the relevant ad will appear on the page almost instantly.

Overtime we gather billions of constantly updating anonymous user profile ID’s - (1st party data) allowing advertisers to target active intenders across our partner sites based on the keyword searches aligned to their campaign. Our platform is actively learning and automatically enhancing campaign performance based on previous activity.

Benefits for Advertisers
Nano protects your brand

Our reliable brand safety technology fully protects advertiser’s brands from inappropriate environments by pinpointing and blocking suspicious sites in real time.

Additionally, Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and Nano’s own viewability monitoring provide transparent information about when and where the advertiser’s advertising has actually been displayed – and seen by the user.

​​Integral ad science
Only five steps to the starting-line
​Advertiser provides keyword list
Nano evaluates and expands this list
Nano forecasts expected volume
Advertiser implements pixels
Nano launches campaign
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