Nano enables advertisers to respond to every user’s intent in real time

We founded Nano Interactive with the mission to significantly improve the efficiency of online marketing. We do this by responding to users’ intent in real time. We have built a unique data and technology platform that empowers advertisers to deliver their display, video and mobile advertising based on the current search behaviour of individual users.

Leveraging the best of search and brand advertising, we consider the search itself to be the most powerful indicator of intent. Whenever a user is searching for information, products or services that match an advertiser’s current campaign, Nano is right on the spot – delivering the right advertising to the user. Nano’s technology platform can deliver the ad immediately on the site or later via programmatic advertising.

Nano’s proprietary technology profiles hundreds of millions of anonymised users based on their actual current intensions. All data is captured by our own publisher network. That allows us to offer advertisers full transparency around keyword data and the sites their audience are visiting. We work with thousands of partners that generate 5 billion search queries per month.

Taking a closer look at our solutions, Nano enables advertisers to prospect for new customers and to win new business based on millions of real life user signals in real time. Our unique technology particularly addresses users who have not yet been in touch with the advertiser.

Benefits for Advertisers
Nano protects your brand

Our reliable brand safety technology fully protects advertiser’s brands from inappropriate environments by pinpointing and blocking suspicious sites in real time.

Additionally, Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and Nano’s own viewability monitoring provide transparent information about when and where the advertiser’s advertising has actually been displayed – and seen by the user.

Only five steps to the starting-line
​Advertiser provides keyword list
Nano evaluates and expands this list
Nano forecasts expected volume
Advertiser implements pixels
Nano launches campaign
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