Become our Partner and open up a new revenue stream with Nano Interactive…

We are growing our publisher partner network rapidly and are already working with over 200 premium brands to drive higher yields giving users a better ad engagement experience.

Partnering with us opens up a new revenue stream for you where you are given full transparency and control through advertiser and category white and black lists and a publisher-led advertiser approval process

How this works?

Our leading targeting solution Nano INSIST™ delivers relevant advertising to users in real time based on live searches on a Nano Partner site. This enables advertisers to prospect for new customers and allows you, the publisher, to create value out of an underutilized asset.

When a user searches for a keyword on your site, that keyword is instantly passed to our wholly-owned, proprietary platform which serves an ad on the search results page

If no search is made on your site, we are still able to serve an ad to your users using historical search terms that they have searched for on one of our premium data partner sites

Integration is simple…

We realise that not every publisher is the same and that all website owners have unique complexities to consider when evaluating new ad tech partners.

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to integrate INSIST™ into your website and existing monetisation strategy by offering multiple integration options to fit in with your needs.

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