Nano’s VP of Insights & Analytics Artiom Enkov was among the speakers at the Media Leader’s Future of Media event in October. Alongside IAB, agency and brand speakers, the panel discussed what comes next for targeting and measurement in the face of signal loss.
Chaired by the IAB’s Head of Ad Tech Chloe Nicholls, here are five quotes which go some way to telling the story of the opportunities and challenges media and advertising faces right now:

1. Scaling 1st party data has been Canada Goose’s focus for a long time, according to Senior Director, Digital Marketing and Media Phil Clark “What’s incredibly important to us is consumer sentiment… and ensuring that we’re showing up in a way that’s not only effective but actually sits with our customers and potential customers.”

2.Nano’s Enkov explained, “The behavioural shift we see in the market right now is due to two factors. The carrot being contextual getting better due to AI, the other true driver is the stick – or cookie deprecation… [which] is the number one concern among brands and agencies according to our own research. 8% of spend was already moving from audience-based to contextual-based this year. This was planned even before Google confirmed its 2024 deadline [for cookie deprecation]… If we ran the panel again, it’ll be a much bigger stat.”

3. According to Laura Kell, Chief Data & Product Officer, Havas Media Group, “There are lots of new solutions coming around that side-step or work around the loss of cookies. But the first question I think to ask is do they respect fundamentally consumer demand for privacy?” She added that those workarounds “could be vulnerable in the future” to regulation.

4. Canada Goose’s Clark seemed to back up the same point, “Transparency is huge… All partners can explain that they’re set up for a cookieless future and GDPR compliant. But a legal team will scrutinise that heavily and it becomes a real challenge when you’re thinking about enriching your own first-party data with any other sources… the fear of not aligning to legislation is real.”

5. Finally, Enkov added: “How can you target an audience in a cookie-free world? You need some probabilistic foundation to base that modelling off… I think the industry will focus more on panel research, audience research and extrapolate that. And continue to research that – measure the incrementality but also ‘did I reach the right audience?’”

As signal loss begins to bite, it’s important for advertisers to accelerate partner testing and get set up for success. At Nano, our unique live-intent targeting and contextual offering can help you futureproof your digital strategies and drive performance.

Watch the video of 5 Learnings from Alternative Targeting in a Privacy-First World session in full here

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