Nano CEO Carl White appeared on leading marketing technology podcast the Agile Brand podcast, presented by Greg Kihlstrom, a martech and CX advisor and keynote speaker.
Carl spoke to Greg about the transition to a post-cookie marketplace, the solutions for brands and how advertisers are adjusting.
Here are the key quotes, advice and observations from Carl for advertisers in 2024:
1. “Brands should be looking for attributes around their ideal customer, then scaling that using new technologies.”

2. “Targeting will evolve, privacy will stay central to the debate, so make sure you think long-term – scalable and viable.”

3. “Go in with your eyes open. Some of the solutions that seem the easiest are actually the ones we should be more concerned about.”

4. “A bigger win for advertisers is to take their 1st party data and become accustomed to modelling it.”

5. “We’ve focused on intent rather than identity, because we think that’s ultimately what advertisers want to know about… our job is to predict that without identifying those users.”

6. “Maintaining business as usual once cookies are switched off is just not an option.”

7. “Don’t forget measurement will be a challenge as well – incrementality will start to be the way that clients understand the problem.”

8. “The whole signal loss trend… is a great opportunity to put privacy front and centre of the digital ecosystem. Consumers can see the great content they demand without feeling that they’re being followed. As digital natives grow up, they’re embracing this more than ever. We have the tools to do this now, where maybe five years ago we didn’t. So it’s a massive opportunity for the industry.”

9. “Don’t think post-cookie, think post-ID. And don’t just depend on the walled gardens to give you the answers.”


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