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Accor's performance goals take flight with Nano

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Increase in ROI across both UK & Germany


YoY reduction in CPA - UK


YoY reduction in CPA - Germany

“With a data-led approach, our laser-sharp targeting with Nano hasn’t just proven extremely valuable in achieving brilliant performance but setting Accor up for the future as we move away from cookies. We couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with Nano as we exceed YoY targets whilst maximising efficiencies.”

- Ben Adams
- iProspect


Working with iProspect, Nano was tasked with helping to drive improved results, and drive greater reach and awareness – since it is not reliant on cookies, ID profiling or other personal data, it was able to ‘reach the unreachable’ when compared to other competitors.


Using Nano’s next generation contextual targeting and live intent platform, Accor’s primary objective was to achieve the most efficient CPA possible. The focus was on optimising performance and driving the best results within the available budget.

The campaign was successfully delivered entirely without cookies, IDs or profiling – acting as a blueprint for the travel sector to achieve results without tracking or using personal data in future.


Nano’s campaign delivered a 40% year-on-year reduction in CPA – far exceeding expectations.


Targeting was flexible capitalising on constantly changing intents –the campaign continued to adapt and evolve while it was live.

This also extended to adapting creative messaging to help drive performance, for example include more details around standard calls to action such as “Book early to save more.”


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