Intent targeting drives high engagement for Beiersdorf prospects on-the-go.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


The campaign drove a high CTR throughout.


Nano exceeded the campaign's KPI.


Mobile devices outperformed desktops by 200%.

The Beiersdorf user’s profile outlines a careful chooser, beauty enthusiast and brand-aware consumer. Nano’s technology allowed us to reach potential customers effectively and increase the brand awareness – the results proved once again why our future-proof targeting is the best way forward.

- Jonathon Palmer
- Sales Manager


Beiersdorf relied on Nano’s expertise in targeting users upon live searches to increase awareness around their anti-pigmentation line of products: educating users on their formulas was the primary goal, but Nano was also used to test the engagement and response to different offers within the creatives.


Nano’s performance exceeded the KPI by 127% and engaged relevant users in a quality and contextual environment, proving that Intent targeting is far more effective than general audience targeting.

Relevant users were mostly reached across contextually relevant articles and lifestyle domains and the highest engagement was recorded on mobile devices.

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