Mental Health Foundation partnered up with Nano to drive engagement during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Nano exceeded the CTR target by 93% despite the 10-days runtime.


Average viewability achieved.


Trend in related searches recorded across our network in the past semester.

It’s always satisfying seeing a campaign exceed a client’s expectations. With Mental Health Foundation, targeting Live during the Awareness week meant spreading their positive message to people who needed to hear it – that’s invaluable.

- Hailey McDermott
- Sales Group Head


To tie in with the theme of the week in 2021, Mental Health Foundation used Nano’s Intent targeting to raise awareness of the benefits to people’s mental health when they connect with nature.


Searches around general mental health and charitable actions drove a strong engagement, highlighting the strong traction driven by a good cause.

The CTR and viewability values exceeded the expectations, highlighting Nano’s efficacy.

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