Mondelez Philadelphia go cookie-less with Nano Interactive to extend campaign reach.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Unique users were reached.


Viewability achieved, exceeding the campaign's KPI.


Cookieless targeting.

Nano’s Live targeting solution enabled us to extend our reach, targeting relevant consumers in cookieless environments with multiple creatives during moments of increased affinity and high intent. Utilising keyword data signals in real-time and across cookie-less environments enabled us to target during optimal levels of intent helping drive excellent results for Mondelez.

- George Thorpe
- Display Account Manager (Carat)


January is a key period for health products as many consumers undergo New Years resolutions and health regimes.

Philadelphia wanted to generate awareness of their Better for You product range to this health conscious audience using smart, engaging targeting.


Nano optimised the activity efficiently reaching more than 2 million unique users across cookieless strategies.

The activity was served against a high quality environment and a really solid viewability was achieved – a sign of healthy targeting and necessary trait of every awareness campaign.

Reaching cookieless audiences also allowed us to widen the usual Mondelez audience and feed back on valuable insights around side interests and effective targeting coordinates.

The campaign made it to the final of The Drum Awards and scooped an award WIN for Digiday’s Marketing & Advertising Awards ‘Best use of Data’ in 2020.

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