Nano are committed to Environmental, Social and Governance 

Our goal is to work towards Net Zero by 2030  with actionable carbon reductions across our operations and ad serving supply chains.

We have started our own review of internal operations across Scope 1, 2 & 3 to ensure that Nano runs in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

Along the way we will be actively exploring reduction and offset measures across the business to improve our impact at an environmental, social and governmental level.

Projects we are actively exploring include the following:

  • Full value-chain greenhouse gas foot-printing which includes our suppliers and their practices, using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Campaign by campaign understanding of our greenhouse gas impacts
  • Understanding where optimisations can be made to enable clients to optimise towards or plan with view to minimising carbon impact
  • Working with out partners and suppliers to collaborate on decarbonisation
  • Where appropriate, investing in climate positive solutions to help us move towards neutrality whilst on our decarbonisation journey
  • Setting short, medium and long term plans and goals for our climate impacts