Our guiding philosophy has always been to use technology and expertise to help achieve marketing performance for our partners whilst keeping in mind the perspective of all key major stakeholders – advertisers, publishers and users.

This is a subtle balancing act and one that can be thrown out of alignment if the technologies utilised have too much power and control over the data, audience or inventory. No-one seriously wants the walled gardens to monopolise this race but they do have inbuilt advantages that grow with every new privacy initiative.


Our goal has always been to use live information in all available forms to avoid the exhaust fumes of trackers identifiers and cookies. Advances in machine learning and increasing levels of sophistication in understanding the underlying meaning and sentiment of digital content have created an opportunity for step changes in campaign performance that don’t contribute to what has become considered a part of the surveillance economy. Speedy analysis, processing and decision making is therefore making live targeting a genuine option.


Our Live intent, identity free targeting (LIIFT™) platform is the culmination of several years’ work to build a cleaner digital ecosystem free of trackers, annoying pop ups and identity compromises.

It opens up new brand safe areas of publisher inventory whilst helping advertisers to reach non identified audiences at scale in a way that does not compromise their privacy. It gives publishers and advertisers a viable approach that for once does not play into the hands of the walled gardens.

By starting to wean itself off the 3rd party cookie the digital ecosystem now has a one off opportunity to fix the tracking and targeting challenges that have irritated and annoyed users for years.


We are delighted to contribute our own modest step to building a truly privacy-friendly ecosystem.


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