Every time we go online, we express our intent in countless ways. From the content we read, what we search for, the device we access it on, even down to where we are and the time of day.

Nano’s LIIFT™ platform makes sense of these live signals serving the most relevant ads in real-time without the use of any identifiers.


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Nano is a live targeting platform that connects advertisers to relevant users at the moment that they are most receptive to the message.

We use advanced technology to analyse people’s intent and the context of the website they are on. We use this information, along with data on how well ads have performed in the past, to show ads only in places where they are likely to be effective for your advertising campaign. This helps you get the best results for your campaign goals.

Because our technology is built to deliver campaigns without the need for any personal identifiers (cookies, IDs or other proxy for identification), it allows brands to connect with their audience across the entire open web.

We’ve proven it works  – we  deliver incremental reach and proven performance and brand metric uplifts to display and video campaigns on a daily basis.

Extend reach & unlock NEW Audiences

We extend the reach of all your campaigns to include the 80% of the  open web found in cookieless environments across which  we’re able to drive significant brand uplifts.

Next Gen Contextual Targeting

Standard contextual targeting doesn’t give enough precision and ability to engage audiences when they’re in the right mindset. Our LIIFT ™ tech is the only privacy-first solution that combines live data, entity & sentiment analysis underpinned by AI to determine the meaning for a brand on a page.

Cookieless Measurement

Our technology optimises campaign performance and we identify data-backed, actionable insights to inform your future marketing strategies.

Our new award-winning attention-focused measurement solution “Time in View” measures the quality of user interactions, going beyond traditional measures of success.


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Our in-depth insights hub gives you a clearer picture of your audience across a range of verticals and helps inform your planning.

Nano’s Live targeting solution enabled us to extend our reach, targeting relevant consumers in cookieless environments with multiple creatives during moments of increased affinity and high intent. Utilising keyword data signals in real-time and across cookie-less environments enabled us to target during optimal levels of intent helping drive excellent results for Mondelez.

- George Thorpe
- Display Account Manager (Carat)

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