Our award-winning campaign with Superbet tested optimising towards Attention in order to deliver incremental uplift across Brand Awareness, Consideration, and Brand Perception.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Increase in brand consideration when optimising towards attention vs. CTR


Uplift in prompted brand awareness across the attention-targeted line vs. CTR


Increase in positive brand perception when optimising to attention vs. CTR

A question I’m often asked is “what is the role of display advertising if nobody clicks on it?”

My answer is always the same; just because you can click on an ad does not necessarily mean you should measure success by CTR. When I had the opportunity to prove this theory by partnering with Nano to test optimising towards Attention I jumped at the chance, and the results were staggering.

Attention is the king of all advertising mediums and Nano has the best digital product to deliver this.

- Dale Fisher
- Global Head of Paid Social & Display at Superbet


Superbet Poland used Nano’s LIIFT™ platform to test out the effectiveness of optimising towards Attention vs CTR across all key brand metrics, with an ultimate goal of increasing their Market share.

Alongside media optimisations, we also ran two cookieless brand studies through Cint and Sapio Research, one measuring the CTR optimised activity and one measuring the Attention optimised activity.


The activity optimising towards attention delivered [uplift across every single brand metric] in comparison to the CTR-optimised activity. We recorded:

  • 140% increase in the creative space and time that the ads were in view for
  • 62% uplift in prompted brand awareness
  • 33% uplift in unprompted brand awareness
  • 121% increase in brand consideration
  • 58% increase in brand perception
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